Skull Tales: Full Sail!



Deze kickstarter campagne is afgelopen, maar indien er voldoende interesse is kan een tweede pledge geregeld worden in de Pledge manager. Bij interesse, mailtje naar info@boardgamebusters.be
Deze late pledge komt op 99€ ipv 120€.


The Southern Lady cuts through the waves, the water spraying your face as you stare out at the Caribbean sea. Lost in thought, you remember the first time you came across a Spanish Galleon. Few of you managed to escape that mess with your lives, but that marked the moment when you began forging your destiny as a pirate. Now, your reputation precedes you wherever you go, instilling fear among your enemies. Nothing will get in your way of becoming the most infamous pirate to ever sail the high seas…

Make your own destiny and become the terror of the seas in Skull Tales: Full Sail!

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KS Status : Funded met vele stretch goals
Deadline : Maandag 28 mei
Levering : Gepland rond april 2019

Skull Tales pledge : 101€ (incl shipping)
Onze prijs : 90€
Bevat : Base game + all stretch goals