The Shared Dream ALL IN KS edition

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Bevat de base game (KS editie) + de Covens expansion + de 4 year 1 expansions (Crux, Night Terrors, Necrophobia en Wrath of Axitath).

The Shared Dream is a 1-4 player cooperative board game set in the world of ODAM Publishing’s tabletop RPG Of Dreams And Magic. It sees a group of characters wake up from the exact same terrible dream, only to discover it’s coming to life in the real world.

Each time the game is played, a Shared Dream scenario is chosen, with each one providing a different set of objectives, enemy mechanics, and unique Nemesis. Each scenario also contains its own set of Personal Reflections, mini-stories each character must progress through in order to contribute to a victory.

With 5 scenarios to choose from, 10 unique playable characters, and a modular city that changes with every playthrough, The Shared Dream combines the strategy and replayability of a board game with the mood, theme, and storyline of a RPG.

Covens, The Shared Dream’s first big-box expansion, allows players to experience the world of The Shared Dream in new ways, providing both backwards compatible and new standalone content. Covens contains:

  • 2 brand-new interconnected cooperative scenarios
  • 2 New, Backwards-Compatible Mechanics: The Phantom House and Covens
  • Solo Campaign Mode
  • 4 New Playable Characters
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Achievement Sticker Sheet!