Holmes’ Horror Hotel

The date is May 7, 1896. On this day H.H. Holmes was hanged for the murder of at least 9 innocent victims. Or was he? Perhaps he succeeded in framing an unknowing employee of his infamous Horror Hotel? Let’s find out!

In Holmes’ Horror Hotel, players assume the roles of either employees of the hotel, or the owner himself, H.H. Holmes. The roles are secret, so only the player that is dealt the Holmes character knows who is who. The employees know by now that danger is afoot in the hotel, but they don’t know who is behind it all.
And on this dark night in 1896, they find all the doors and windows of the hotel locked. There is no escape, their only chance is to expose the serial killer before they all die a gruesome death…

Holmes’ Horror Hotel is a fast game of deduction and hidden identities, for 4 to 10 players.

You can download the rules in different languages here :

Rules in English

Regels in het Nederlands

Règles en Français

Game Design              Carrotz
Graphic Design          Tom Pattyn
Artwork                        AndhikaHappy

Produced by Boardgamebusters
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